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Landscaping Services
Landscapers offer a wide range of services that can transform your home and yard into a beautiful place. These services include lawn care, garden design, hardscaping and installation of water features such as ponds and waterfalls.

A variety of landscaping professionals provide these services, depending on their skill set and business model. Some are full-service providers who take on a project from start to finish, while others work more as subcontractors, supplying their own plants and materials or doing only a portion of the installation.

Landscaping is a science and art. It involves the combination of horticulture knowledge and design skills to create beautiful, functional gardens that are pleasing to the eye and easy to maintain. A landscaper has an eye for creating a design that complements the natural surroundings, rather than fighting them.

If you are considering hiring a landscaper, ask about the company’s safety policies and practices. Make sure that the company will mark underground utility lines before digging and will use certified applicators to apply pesticides. Also, inquire about the number of workers that will be on site and how often they’ll be inspected and supervised.

The contractor’s insurance coverage should include both workers’ compensation and liability. This is especially important if the landscaper is working on your property without a permit. It is also important to confirm that the contractor has proper equipment for removing and hauling away any debris that may occur during the landscaping process.

It is important to know whether the contractor will remove existing plantings that you want to keep. Some companies will leave them alone, but some will move them to a different location or plant new ones instead. Having this detail in the contract will help ensure that your garden stays intact.

You’ll need to get a written agreement from the company before you hire it. The contract should include detailed drawings and descriptions of what will be done. The contract should also list the materials that will be used and a price for them.

Getting quotes from multiple landscapers is not always easy, but a good estimate can be based on a detailed plan and an idea of how much it will cost to install everything. The more detail you can give the company, the better.

Design – The landscaper will develop a landscape design that suits the size and shape of your home, while taking into account any features that might be desirable. Depending on your needs and budget, they may also be able to design a custom irrigation system for you.

They will also help you select plants that are appropriate for your climate and if possible, will help you avoid weeds, which can be a big problem. They’ll also help you choose the right colors and textures to add interest and contrast to your garden.

Maintenance – A full-service landscaping company will regularly trim, thin and prune your trees, so that they are healthy and safe for you and your family to enjoy. They’ll also clear out any dead or dying branches that could cause damage.

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