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What to Know When Working With a Pasadena Employment Lawyer

When employees experience legal issues in the workplace, they often turn to professional advice from an employment lawyer. However, understanding what to expect before seeking out an employment lawyer can help ensure that employees obtain the best possible legal resolution. Here is a guide on how to seek out and work with a Pasadena Employment lawyer.

Research Employment Lawyers in Pasadena

The first step to finding the right Pasadena employment lawyer is researching local attorneys that specialize in employment law. Before making a selection, it is important to be aware of any special certifications or qualifications the attorney might have that make him or her more suitable for your case. Consulting websites such as Avvo, LegalMatch, and Justia can be helpful resources during this process. These websites provide reviews from previous clients and attorney ratings to determine which lawyer is the best fit.

Discuss Goals with Your Attorney

Once you have found a qualified Pasadena employment lawyer, it is important to communicate your goals clearly with the lawyer. For example, you will want to articulate if your goal is to go to court or if you would prefer to settle out of court. This will assist your lawyer in strategizing the best approach for your case. It is also beneficial to discuss potential strategies for success, such as filing for an appeal or obtaining specific evidence. Doing this at the beginning of the process will enable you and your lawyer to stay on the same page throughout legal proceedings.

Understand Fees and Costs

Employment lawyers typically charge different rates for their services based on their experience and expertise. It is important to ask your lawyer about applicable fees and costs during an initial consultation in order to budget properly for legal services. Some lawyers may offer payment plans or pro-bono services for certain cases, so it is worthwhile to ask about these options as well. Knowing your budget upfront can help you make informed decisions about which lawyers are best suited for your situation.

Be Prepared and Organized

When working closely with a Pasadena employment lawyer, it is important to be well-prepared and organized before in-person meetings. Being organized means collecting and managing all relevant documents before meeting with the attorney. Documents like job contracts, communications with employers and supervisors, settlement offers, and any other applicable paperwork should be obtained and stored securely before presenting them to your attorney. Doing this can help save time at appointments since any relevant documents can be discussed quickly and accurately as needed.

Be Open with Your Attorney

Employment lawyers understand the sensitivity of many workplace issues and will be honest when advising clients on potential outcomes of their case. To ensure that you obtain the best legal advice possible, it is essential for clients to be open with their attorney about any relevant details that could potentially affect their case. Being forthright with all relevant information allows for the most accurate advice from the attorney regarding next steps in pursuing legal claims.


Navigating a legal issue in the workplace can be overwhelming and stressful. Understanding what to expect when working with an employment attorney can help employees make informed decisions when it comes planning how to obtain a positive resolution. Taking the necessary steps when researching lawyers in Pasadena, communicating goals clearly with an attorney, understanding fees ahead of time, being prepared when meeting with an attorney, and being open about details related to their case can help ensure that seeking legal counsel provides employees with the best possible outcome.

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